Box Tops for Education Class Contest!

Can your class collect the most Box Tops?

Our annual Class Contest is coming February 5th through February 16th!  Please start collecting and cutting!  Remember to check expiration dates!

Set a Goal, write your plan, and make it happen!

Click here for last year’s contest results.

Look for Box Tops on food boxes and bags, paper products, soup cans, and office supplies.  Hint:  Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to contribute!  Turn them into your HOME ROOM teacher between February 5th, 2018 and February 16, 2018!

Did you know?

You raise $.10 for each Box Top submitted for Winfield Elementary.  Over the last six years, we’ve raised over $8600!  Help spread the word about Box Tops!

Official Rules:

1.  Bring non-expired Box Tops in a plastic bag.  Please remember to cut along the dotted lines!  Expired Box Tops will not count toward contest.

2.  Place your bagged Box Tops in a special envelope in your HOME ROOM.  Do not use the regular Box Tops Submission Box in the lobby.

3.  Box Tops will be counted by your Box Top Coordinator, Stacy Trivett and verified by the Principal.

4.  One Class per Grade will win!

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Send non-expired Box Tops into school in plastic baggies.  Please remember to cut along the dotted lines!

2.  Become a Box Top member and enter monthly online contests!

3.  Sign-up for eBoxTops – earn points just by shopping at your favorite stores like Safeway and Walmart!